Miracles: illusion or promise?

Hello Lightworkers, and people who see the miraculous in all of Life:

From the early days, Christianity has spread through miracles. Miracle and healing are claimed by old-time Pentecostal revivalists like Kathryn Kuhlman and her contemporary disciple, Benny Hinn.

Yet, some disabled people, and others who suffer devastating challenges, say they have been left in the lurch by their churches thanks to an illusory promise of miracles. The real grace of the miraculous enters into one’s life, these people say, when we embrace our limitations rather than wishing or praying them away.

Or: could it be that once we embrace our limitations, we may surpass them — so that the miracle unfolds in its own time, rather than being an instantaneous occurrence?

What’s your opinion on miracles in this regard?

1. Here’s an article about Benny Hinn, which is somewhat skeptical: Benny Hinn article

2. And here’s an article about another miracle worker, which raises questions about miracles in the life of faith: :On Miracle vs Disability

3. See the work of Shane Clifton: Article: Shane Clifton   and the longer piece: “The Dark Side of Prayer for Healing: Toward, a Theology o f Well-Being,” by Shane Clifton; Alphacrucis College, Sydney, Australia : [article can be obtained through public library article database] — Clifton argues, on behalf of disabled people, for a theology of wellness rather than an illusory promise of miracle.

4. Here’s a Youtube video about disability, according to a spirituality which says that strength is made perfect in weakness: Zoe Heming: I love my disabled body</

5. Here's Kathryn Kuhlman on Miracles:

Excellent article on Kuhlman: Kuhlman Article