Multiple Not Single

Gospel: #4: Many perspectives, not single answers

Hello Lightworkers,

Question for today: sometimes we think of God as an authority who has, tucked up His almighty sleeves, “all the answers.” The Bible, accordingly, is regarded as a rule book, which has “all the answers.”

Supposedly, “all the answers” means some singular truth, which cannot be disputed. Sometimes, it is true, there are single answers. However, by and large, life is complicated and nuanced not simple – multi-colored rather than monochrome and more like a dialogue than a monologue.

If the Bible is “God’s book”, is God speaking a monologue, which gives “all the answers”? or instead, a dialogue, so that we may answer back and co-create its meaning?

This matter of diversity pertains to the New Testament (NT) itself since, within the NT, there are multiple accounts of the significant event, which is its theme: the life of Jesus, and his death/crucifixion and resurrection.

John is one of four gospels (as literary genre), in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), while the New Testament contains 27 writings as a whole.

Question: in what way does God  or the Spirit have “all the answers,” and how does s/he invite dialogue, or both? How does the Bible fit into this question for you? Since the Bible purports to be a book about God, what kind of God does it claim to speak about?