Lightworker : Definition, Controversies

For the use of lightworker — as we define it on Jesus Lightworker — see Jesus Christ/the Bible/Religion and Lightworker/Historical Jesus

Light as the stuff of Reality – and Visions

Light links our physical existence to our cosmic selves. Light plays a decisive role not only in the Judeo-Christian tradition (see the creation account in Genesis 1: Light) but also in cosmologies and mystical systems of various religions and philosophies.

The Native American mystic and visionary, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), for instance, eloquently conveys the signal role of Light in the cosmos – and for our lives – throughout his teachings. See, for instance, House of Shattering Light

What is a lightworker, in popular or new age parlance?

In new age circles (so-called), the term lightworker designates a new kind of mystic, visionary, and healer.

The popular teacher Doreen Virtue emphasizes that lightworkers have a strong sense of purpose – to work for the benefit of all, a sense of urgency (to fulfill this purpose), sensitivity, and abilities as healers. See Doreen Virtue on Lightworkers . As healers, lightworkers often make use of energy  healing, based on the chakra system or the like.

According to Jeshua, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, lightworkers have a primary mission, generally, to move our consciousness from an ego-based to a heart-based orientation. For more on the light worker’s mission, according to Jeshua channeled by Kribbe (see below for more of Kribbe’s understanding).

Is Jesus Lightworker a contradiction in terms?

Some Christians believe that lightworking is misleading or even of the devil, see this testimony:  One Perspective on Lightworking Other Christians are dubious of “new age” claims. See, for instance :Got Questions

Yet, if we let go of distorted stereotypes about lightworkers – or, for that matter, about Christians – we discover a great deal of cross-fertilization between the two perspectives.

Some Christian (and non-Christian) spirituality harmonizes lightworking and religion by focusing on Christ consciousness, as the light or the divine principle within. The term “lightworker” may not be explicitly used.  The work of Joel Goldsmith, a twentieth century teacher, of the Infinite Way, exhibits this approach: Joel Goldsmith

The Center of Christ Consciousness embraces a compatible spirituality: Center for Christ Consciousness. Generally speaking, so does the Course in Miracles: Course in Miracles.

Esoteric movements, in Christianity and Judaism and from pluralistic perspectives, also harmonize light working with Christian spirituality (whether or not the term “lightworker” is explicitly used).

A disciple of Peter Deunov, and member of a society that they called the Great White Brotherhood, the Bulgarian Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, in the twentieth century, combined principles of the Gospels with a spirituality based on initiation into mystical truths by the order of Melchizedec (“the great Priest producer of peace and justice”). See, for instance Light is a Living Spirit , his reflections on the Gospels Aivanhov on the Gospels and his discussion of energy systems Subtle Bodies

Influenced by Pyotr Ouspenskii and G. I. Gurdjieff, Rodney Collins contrasts, in this spiritual system, the world of limitation (in three dimensions) and world of reality and light, inhabiting a fourth dimension: Rodney Collins

Lightworker’s Mission: Jeshua

According to Pamela Kribbe, who channels Jeshua, lightworkers (according to Jeshua): a) belong in two worlds simultaneously, and they feel a homesickness for their spiritual homes; b) they cannot bear to live separated from their souls; c) they feel the wound of separation (from spirit) within themselves and on behalf of humanity; d) they seek spiritual answers within rather than through orthodox channels; e) they are teachers, artists, and healers; they may be sensitive and struggle until they come to embrace their gifts. Jeshua, as channeled by Kribbe, traces the galactic history of lightworkers: Jeshua on Galactic Origins of Lightworkers.

For more on the struggle to balance material concerns (e.g. money) with life purpose, see Steve Pavlina: Lightworker Syndrome

This definition of lightworkers accords somewhat with the notion of Jesus’s mission in the Gospel of John, a mission that sets the pattern for that of Jesus’s disciples. Jesus came into the world for a specific purpose– to bring Light to the world. His mission set him at odds with the world and generated opposition as well as fierce devotion and rebirth.

As we see it, here at Jesus Lightworker, the historical Jesus was a lightworker (see: historical Jesus: Lightworker) while his mission was to awaken humanity to the Light (which is the divine) within.