First Person, Pablo: The Lightworker vis a vis Visions, Trance Channeling, and other paranormal abilities, Parts 1-2

By Pablo Tavares

The practice of developing our spiritual abilities is wondrous. You may fall in love with the process even before you reach the goal. Lightworking can be used to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, certain abilities of the lightworker (such as visions, trance mediumship, and channeling) get a bad rap because of their association with the dark arts.

In this article, I would like to encourage all of us lightworkers to develop our psychic abilities. So long as you direct your powers in the name of Jesus Christ for the purposes of love, then the blessings bestowed on you, the lightworker, can empower and guide your spiritual path. Not only do the tools and trade of the lightworker overcome the weapons of the dark worker, but through our steady progress with the light, we can move forward the consciousness of society in a positive direction.

Let us begin to explore some special abilities of the lightworker, including visions, trance mediumship and channeling, and other heightened modes of sensing heavenly realities (through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience).

In this post, we will begin with visions. In  the next post, we will look at trance mediumship and other paranormal talents.


Visions are common encounters with your higher self. During a vision, you will notice images in your mind’s eye. Sometimes the visions appear static but sometimes, they are rolling and mobile. These images can represent the future in some way, including your own place there.

How do you use a vision to help others? Here’s an example. Once while I was on the bus, I noticed I was living a vision that I had had two weeks previously. In the vision, I had been shown the scene that I was now living. I also saw that I could lend a helping hand to somebody on the bus. And so I did. If I had not had the vision earlier, I might not have known to extend help on  the bus, that day.  I arranged the pieces of the puzzle, out of which this event was constructed, contingent on what the vision had shown me.

In the vision I had about the bus, I was aligning the will of the people on the bus through energy movement. I was highlighting with my mind’s eye the path that would be unfolding.  This prophetic experience was like having energy rolling, which exerted pressure against the dark and in favor of the light. When I received the vision, it was as if I were simply copying notes from paper to a Word document. With every key stroke,  I could see more.  On the keyboard, I hammered, keeping a rhythm of seeing and understanding. During this experience, I saw many shapes materializing as light flashed in my mind’s eye. These lights indicated many victories for the lightworker.

When you have visions, consider how the holy spirit may be guiding you so that you can help somebody or so that you can do the works of love.

The Mechanics of Visions

Extend yourself through the present and into the future like a rod.  You will see the structure of an event unfold.   Through your intuition, you will see His path that God has set out for you. You may have a vision or see a visual representation in your mind’s eye concerning the future. If so, you are a seer, one who can discern the future through supernatural insight.

To have visions can make you really excited. Stay calm and composed so that you may receive delectable insights from God. These insights will always lead you by the paths of compassion and wisdom. You can increase the vividness of your visions or the purity of your abilities through spiritual training, which allows you to become a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. Training is best described as a way of dedicating time to our relationship with our Lord so that we may be conformed to His image and likeness.

In the next part, I will discuss trances.

Part II

By Pablo Tavares

In this post, I will discuss trance channeling and other paranormal abilities. These phenomena can be used to serve Jesus Christ by the holy spirit.

Certain cautions, of course, should also be respected. Everything is rooted in love. If you are driven by selfish or manipulative purposes, then your innate powers will become tainted, causing unnecessary pain and difficulties for yourself and others.

The scriptures guide all lightworkers to manifest, boldly, our gifts. Matthew 5:14-16 “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven”(Matthew 5:14- 15).

In order to progress in spiritual development, regardless of where you are in life, understand first of all the responsibilities of being a lightworker. We are all here for a purpose which gives meaning to our lives. Discovering this potential that is within us opens up other beneficial things.

We cultivate and sow the seeds of growth so that we may reap a golden fruit. With this mindset, we will notice a plentiful harvest. As we develop our abilities, we must  reach high and seek to align our will with His.  Ultimately, we may become perfected in Him.

Trance Mediumship and Channeling Trance

Mediumship and channeling are abilities that have been demonized and tainted by our society. We can thank witches, magicians, and dark-workers for this stigma, which has given a bad name to natural and divinely bestowed abilities. We can retake this seemingly lost ground (of our heightened abilities) for the sake of our own growth!

The stigma and bad repute attached to things such as trances and channeling will load the lightworker with self-judgments and hold us back if we possess such gifts. Rather than fearing such gifts, let us dedicate them to the Lord and to the path of love. All abilities come from above and should serve the worthy purposes of heaven above.

Channeling by the Holy Spirit: The Truth

The first time I channeled I was writing a book.  I ended up channeling a solid thirty pages in only a few weeks. Truth telling and channeling go hand in hand. Channeling, when inspired by the holy spirit, is the ability to perceive and communicate thoughts fluidly from an angelic host.

Imagine the efficiency of this angelic company. You can produce much beauty and wisdom by channeling day in and day out. Through channeling, you may bring the gospel and the good news to others, thus giving light to this Earth.

Naturally, we must be sure that our channeled communications are in accord with love. In this way,  channeling can be used to serve our Lord.

Personally, when I engage in trance- mediumship, I enter a trancelike state by focusing on a certain point in my brain. This focus serves to disengage the astral body, which allows me to communicate with allies (angels or wise figures who have passed). Today, I am able to channel and communicate concepts fluidly from other realms into this one. After everything is in place, I prompt the spirit to speak through me or I simply channel him or her. Then, we engage in dialogue.

Through telepathy, the recipient can hear the voices of wise friends and angels, inwardly,  by allowing both sides (on earth and in the spirit worlds) to hold a conversation. Naturally, discernment is necessary. Only open yourself to the holy spirit, which can be known through states of joy, peace, truth, wisdom, and love.

This holy spirit will guide your conversations with wise guides. Do not indulge in negative states or waste time in trivial and misleading conversations.

Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Clairvoyance

Light working encompasses a large portion of spirituality and should be recognized as a valid part of spiritual development along the Christian path. Abilities may be latent, but with training they can be activated.

Take me, for example. I recently realized that I am clair-everything! It was very exciting to learn that I possess abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Clairsentience allows me communicate with subtle realms through trance- mediumship. Clairaudience allows me to interpret information that typically goes unseen or unheard. Clairvoyance is the ability to see in advance the good things that God may have in store for us — so that we may act and encourage others to act in cooperation with this goodness.

Once we cohesively evolve, we will realize that spiritual training and development is the way to progress throughout life.

Shoot for the stars!


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First Person: Jesus Lightworker – Pablo

Here is a guest post from Pablo, who may be reached at:  — on the theme of: being a  Lightworker in the Spirit of Jesus. If you would like to contribute your own post on this theme, please contact me. Thanks! 

Hello fellow lightworker!

My name is Pablo. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself!

I have risen above difficult circumstances, having responded to my calling as a lightworker!

I am 22 now (a late bloomer). I have awoken later than most. Through the power and will of the Holy Ghost, I have been taught many lessons. I have learned many things about both light working and the darker sides of life. Through faith and love, I practice light working, and I try to connect and manifest the will of the Holy Ghost in my life.

For a long time, I first hand experienced much suffering, due to trauma. I was victim to dissociation and twisted patterns of thought. It took many attempts to exit the darkness that enshrouded me.

First, I cried out to Christ for deliverance to save me. Then, after a period of practicing faith, I decided to take things into my own hands. I ended up becoming a spiritual warrior for the light and what was once darkness catapulted me into the light art that is called light-working. Lightworking chose me, which freed me from the difficulties I knew.


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The Holy Ghost, in my eyes, is an orb of pure energy that divinely guides us. Since all gifts are given according to the good for all concerned, some are given the gift of discernment between light and dark energies. I was given a keen sense of such discernment. I am able to tell if people align themselves with the light side or the dark.

The best gifts of all come from the Spirit. Just as the hand helps the foot, so one person’s gift will help another’s. Since Christ cannot be divided and all gifts come from Him, when we all use our gifts rightly, we create a transparent fine-tuned platform. Using the gifts and supernatural abilities that the Christ gave us, we move into a telepathic realm filled with the good news and impenetrable Christ light.

Through love, faith and lightworking, assisted by the Holy Ghost, we can uplift the world and His name and, as a consequence, solve social problems in harmony with Yahweh God. Once we band together and walk in the Holy Ghost, keeping His commandments, we will expand the kingdom of God naturally, and His will in turn will be done on this earth.

Do not despair, if you are going through difficult times. Join in light-working – through good deeds – and like me, you will come out of despair and trauma and into the light of love.