Jewish Divine Healing : Healer (Lillian Schwabe: 1911-2012) and Jewish Healing book by Alfred G. Moses

Link to Divine Science Jewish

This book (see link above) demonstrates how divine healing works in Judaism, mostly from the Hasidic lineage. Divine Science is equivalent, the author says, to the Jewish understanding of Wisdom, plentifully documented throughout the Bible and Jewish traditions.  Please follow the link above for a pdf of the book.

Jewish Divine Science, discussed by this author, was in conversation with Christian Science. One Christian Scientist of Jewish heritage discusses her methods of healing in an interview. Here’s a link to it:  

Interview Link: Lillian and Jewish/Christian Science

This healer, Lillian Schwabe, was 100 years old (in 2011) when she was interviewed by A Better World. (See link above.) She practiced a method of divine healing, which was rooted in Christian Science while shaped by Jewish spirituality and scriptures.  Here’s a fascinating and inspiring interview.




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