Psychic Phenomena in the Old Testament (1922)

Here’s a book (published in the 1920s) called Psychic Phenomena in the Old Testament by Sarah A. Tooley. This short book summarizes stories in the Old Testament in which three sorts of phenomena occur: a) materializations; b) angels; c) visions.

Materializations feature divine messengers or guides who take human or material form. A captain of the Lord’s host comes to Joshua in material shape, for instance, to offer him divine strength before battle.  An angel guides Abraham’s servant to the woman (Rebekah) who is to be Isaac’s wife. The visions of prophets and the dreams of patriarchs (such as Joseph) are also recorded.

Altogether, sixteen biblical stories are recounted and discussed.  It is unclear to me why the term “psychic” is used of these phenomena rather than “mystical” or “visionary” or “revelatory” or some such neutral term. Nevertheless, the book assembles some nice OT passages, which illustrate a range of inspired and extraordinary events.

Here’s the pdf of the book for your interest. Psychic Phenomena in the OT book

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