Acquitted: Update on Asia Bibi Case

Update 10/31: See link

Asia Bibi Acquitted

Here is the full verdict of the Pakistan Supreme Court on the Asia Bibi case: Asia Bibi Judgement

Text of case thanks to this website

Please see these links (below) for an update on Asia Bibi’s Case. Two of the videos are updates from ACLJ and one is an interview given by her husband.

Asia Bibi is a Christian woman in Pakistan who has been condemned to death on charges of blasphemy against Mohammed. The case was appealed and the Supreme Court of Pakistan may reverse her conviction.

While it appears that a verdict from the Supreme Court of Pakistan may be issued soon, Asia Bibi remains at risk of mob violence by Islamist extremists if she should be released and declared innocent. The judges in the case are putting their lives in jeopardy. One of her advocates in the government had been murdered, some years ago, in connection with her case. The pressure on the judges to have Asia executed is equally strong.

Thanks to international advocacy, and to moderate Islamist parties who support her, the case has come before the United Nations. Blasphemy accusations are frequent for vilifying religious minorities in Pakistan.

Consider: Jesus himself was falsely accused of treason and blasphemy. The judges in the case were also under pressure from the people, who were set against Jesus though he was innocent. Asia Bibi’s case resembles in basic outline the trial of Jesus.

Please find my earlier post, here: Asia Bibi : Christian Jailed in Pakistan



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