Bishop Christopher Senyonjo: Advocate for Gay rights in Uganda

Sadly, anti-gay persecution is quite often legitimated by Christian churches. The penalties can be harsh for advocates of human rights for LGBT people. The film God Loves Uganda chronicles this human rights struggle in Uganda and among Christian missionaries there.

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo has courageously stood up to the majority in offering reconciliation and a message of inclusive love toward all LGBT people — in the name of the Gospel.

The Gospel ought not to be twisted so as to entail judgment, condemnation, and exclusion on the grounds of one’s love-orientation (the struggle is about the right to love not narrowly about sexual behavior). Quite the contrary, the Gospel proclaims that love is sacred and free. Human rights require that we respect those who may be different from us while securing their freedoms as our own.

See links below.

Here’s God Loves Uganda (English with Italian subtitles)


Here are clips from interviews with Bishop Christopher Senyonjo

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