First Person: Jesus Lightworker – Pablo

Here is a guest post from Pablo, who may be reached at:  — on the theme of: being a  Lightworker in the Spirit of Jesus. If you would like to contribute your own post on this theme, please contact me. Thanks! 

Hello fellow lightworker!

My name is Pablo. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself!

I have risen above difficult circumstances, having responded to my calling as a lightworker!

I am 22 now (a late bloomer). I have awoken later than most. Through the power and will of the Holy Ghost, I have been taught many lessons. I have learned many things about both light working and the darker sides of life. Through faith and love, I practice light working, and I try to connect and manifest the will of the Holy Ghost in my life.

For a long time, I first hand experienced much suffering, due to trauma. I was victim to dissociation and twisted patterns of thought. It took many attempts to exit the darkness that enshrouded me.

First, I cried out to Christ for deliverance to save me. Then, after a period of practicing faith, I decided to take things into my own hands. I ended up becoming a spiritual warrior for the light and what was once darkness catapulted me into the light art that is called light-working. Lightworking chose me, which freed me from the difficulties I knew.


image courtesy of the author

The Holy Ghost, in my eyes, is an orb of pure energy that divinely guides us. Since all gifts are given according to the good for all concerned, some are given the gift of discernment between light and dark energies. I was given a keen sense of such discernment. I am able to tell if people align themselves with the light side or the dark.

The best gifts of all come from the Spirit. Just as the hand helps the foot, so one person’s gift will help another’s. Since Christ cannot be divided and all gifts come from Him, when we all use our gifts rightly, we create a transparent fine-tuned platform. Using the gifts and supernatural abilities that the Christ gave us, we move into a telepathic realm filled with the good news and impenetrable Christ light.

Through love, faith and lightworking, assisted by the Holy Ghost, we can uplift the world and His name and, as a consequence, solve social problems in harmony with Yahweh God. Once we band together and walk in the Holy Ghost, keeping His commandments, we will expand the kingdom of God naturally, and His will in turn will be done on this earth.

Do not despair, if you are going through difficult times. Join in light-working – through good deeds – and like me, you will come out of despair and trauma and into the light of love.


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