The Shift: Speaking our Truth, Seeing into the Beyond (Prophets)

#12 John 1: 6-8

Hello Lightworkers, and prophets:

At the moment, many of us sense that our world is shifting, not only economically and politically (where the old order is breaking down) but also spiritually. We are less inclined to trust experts or conventional authorities, while we are eager to embrace our inner knowing.

Question: What is your inner knowing prompting you to do? What holds you back? If you look at this decision closely, where’s the light within it? How can you move past fear, step-by-step, into a fuller presence of yourself?

Like John the Baptist, at the start of John’s Gospel, integrity and sincerity are required of us, so that we may be prophets in three senses of the word. 1. Prophecy means “to speak for” or “on behalf of”; 2. and to speak “in advance” (temporally) or to foretell; 3. the prophet is sent by God.

Let’s unpack these meanings.

John 1: 6-8 “6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. 7 He came as a witness to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him. 8 He himself was not the light, but he came to testify to the light.”

1. In witnessing this reality, our inner knowing prompts us (like a prophet) to speak for and on behalf of the light.  In life, to stagnate is to die, since life by its nature grows, dynamically. Similarly, light needs to be circulated, shared, and spoken about, just as light that is hidden under a bushel – or in a cabinet – will fail in its function of providing illumination. Despite inhibitions (which are natural), it is time that we express the light, or soul-presence, within ourselves and on behalf of others.

2. We who are sensitive to spiritual realities may, like John, perceive the light before it comes into the world. Dare to speak of change, to welcome it, and to prepare others for it–rather than clinging to the old order.

3.  Because the prophet is sent by God, with the task to elicit recognition of the light from others, s/he knows that s/he is not, her or himself, the light.  There is no conceit in someone, whose function is to get the self out of the way, in order to become a clear channel for the the divine truth.

Question:  How will you serve as a prophet of the light? How can you share and testify to this light? So that others may dwell in it too?

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