Evil or Good in Disguise? Brooding over the Light

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John 1:5 #10

Hello Lightworkers,

As you will see in the picture of the sunset, sometimes light and darkness melt and merge into each other–rather than being polarized as opposites. The light and the darkness come from the same source. Similarly, darkness may hold the potential for light; what we call “evil” may be goodness in disguise.

Yet, even so, there is a decisive moment in the sun’s ascent/descent, when the two separate (at dawn or dusk) so that light and darkness become distinct, in reality. The two are polarized as opposites, just as good/evil can be distinct and antagonistic.

John 1: 5: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

EVIL: A documentary, called Girl Model, tells about a scam foisted upon impoverished  Russian families. Young teenaged girls (around 13 years old) are lured to Tokyo for careers as models. Their families, eager to advance their family’s prospects, sell them, unwittingly, into a bankrupt future.  Once the girls arrive in Japan, far from home, they are held captive as prostitutes and slaves.

Such crimes demonstrate that evils are real; they should be named, resisted, combated, and overcome.

The reality of evil is specified in the Gospel of John when Jesus is betrayed. His betrayal – (he is handed over into suffering and death) – is instigated by Satan (13:27), surely a symbol of evil.

From a different perspective, evils may bring about something good. Darkness, in brooding over the light, spawns new life.  John 12:24 “unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

GOODNESS IN DISGUISE: The volume, Journey of a Lightworker: A collection of personal stories from Lightworkers around the world, recounts narratives of lightworkers – people gifted with clairvoyance, healing abilities, and spiritual intuition – who suffer alienation because of an uncomprehending society.  Yet, at the other side of these struggles, in retrospect, they attest that their very pains have fueled their growth and life-purpose in service to the world.

What causes pain is not evil in itself. The evil is to escape into distractions while denying one’s inner discontent.

In shining light into the darkness (of pain or despair), or in allowing darkness to brood over the light, less is more. A pinhole of light pierces the dark. Slightly adjust the volume of it. Notice: How does it feel to let your light shine?



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