Inner Knowing/Light of Conscience

This post is for our Lightworker’s Study of the Gospel of John, which will be conducted for around 40 days. On the left, click the folder icon, then sign up.  

John 1 #9 


Hello Lightworkers,

The Gospel of John follows a descent/ascent pattern. The Word of God descends from heaven (in John 1), lives on earth, and then ascends back to heaven (at the end of the book). Similarly, the journey of lightworkers is to incarnate on earth (descent) only to ascend again.

Daily the sun descends and ascends, similarly.

How do we cultivate this light within ourselves, ascending in the sense of developing our own potential to hold the light? First off, there can be no ascent without descent. We live on earth. By embracing our human experience, including the grimy and mucky parts, we inhabit the darkness while practicing genuine presence.

Last post, we spoke about light in physical terms, as the substance of life.Today, let’s consider light as the light of inner knowing and the voice of conscience.

Our inner knowing uplifts and inspires, in one way, yet it does not always guarantee pleasure or comfort. We confront a bully, set aside prejudice, or establish some discipline (like getting up early). All these actions may be prompted by our inner knowing, removing blocks so that the light may flow freely.

The conscience is an instrument along the path. It will prick us, regarding what we have failed to do or what we ought to do.

If we practice moving into the light  as a way of being alive, our experience may be ecstatic or calm, enthusiastic or peaceful, by turns.  By choosing the light consistently, grounding ourselves in our inner knowing, our conscience befriends us.

Your friend, the conscience, asks: Where have you denied the light? Stepping out of alignment with truth, freedom,  peace and joy?

*you hid yourself behind unworthiness, rather than risking an action that impassions and may fulfill a deeply held dream

*you lied to protect your reputation or to discredit an opponent–in the workplace or in another competitive sphere

*somewhere you made a decision that caused harm to yourself and others–maybe by a loveless marriage, a tightly held mask that conceals your real feelings and beliefs, or a habit of irritation at the neediness of others or your own vulnerability

*you dimmed your light for fear of rebuke

This inventory should not cause debilitating guilt, like a parody of an old Catholic confessional, nor are you obliged to keep count of your mistakes. The light remains with you, always at the foundation of your being. Should you choose to reconnect with this source, the fullness of light will be and is available, immediately.

We ascend into a heavenly place of light, by descending into the dark recesses of who we are. Then, we hold the light more fully, radiating the divine presence.


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