Bible Study #8

Hello Lightworkers, Life-workers:

What do mathematical formulae have to do with spirituality? Einstein’s formula regarding energy, mass, and light is intelligible, as a law of the universe. So, in John, the divine logos, the creative principle is an intelligible structure.

Let’s consider how the nature of God, in John 1, is to be Light. Light is the stuff of the universe.

As we discussed previously, the creative word brings into being life in John 1:1-3a, alluding to the Genesis creation. Now, in the next verse, life is equated with light. John 1:3b-4: “What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.”

In physics, light is fundamental. Einstein’s formula says that energy and mass are interchangeable. In converting mass (a substance) into energy, the resulting energy will be equal to the speed of light squared (an extremely large number).

Pure energy is equal to the speed of light. This light converts into the substance of all things. All of our material world is, in fact, made up of energy or light.

Let’s consider other physical aspects of light. Biologically, according to some theories, photons, or packets of light, are the constituents of life. Light, within cells (i.e. biophotons), indicates health. Sunlight is transformed by plants into sugar and nutrients, through photosynthesis (involving carbon dioxide, water, chlorophyll).

Light restores health and it is the animating force of our nutrients and our survival. Some people, called Sun-gazers, purport to dispense with food and live off of sunlight itself.

According to John, light is brought about by the instrument of God’s word, since through the Word, life comes into being and life is equivalent to light. See Genesis 1:3. The first thing created by God’s word is Light.  God says, “Let there be light.”

As John presents it, the instrument (God’s word), which brings about creation, is equivalent, in a way, to the thing it brings about, i.e. Light.

The word of God – or the principle of creativity, the logos – is equivalent to the light. As light-workers, we cultivate the light, creatively, because where there is light, life abounds. “The light was the life of all people” : light impacts other people positively.

Let there be life! and light!


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