A biography of God

Gospel of John: #3: A biography of God?

Hello Lightworkers, and all of you who are intrigued by the life of the Spirit.

Consider: you have a life on earth, constituted by your biography (your parents, upbringing, society, culture). You also have a life in the Spirit, which may be for you quite different.

How would you speak about these different levels and layers or yourself? How tell your own spiritual autobiography — or render it in non-verbal ways?

Today I suggest that John’s story of Jesus Christ gets at these two different dimensions of biography, the human and the spiritual.

As I was saying, yesterday: the literary genre of gospel combines biography (i.e., the story of a human life) with a missionary tract, i.e. persuasive rhetoric, intended to inspire others to enter into spiritual life.

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke start with the birth of Jesus to human parents, similar to a biography, while the Gospel of John begins (John 1:1) at the beginning of creation (alluding to Genesis 1) – well before Jesus, as a human being, was born. John shows by this starting point that Jesus is more than a human being. He is the divine Word.

It is not until chapter 1 verse 17 (arguably) or chapter 1:29 or 1:45 (definitely) that we are introduced to Jesus by name. In 1:45 Jesus is identified, in human terms, as “Jesus, son of Joseph from Nazareth.” Place-names were often used to identify people (e.g. Mary Magdalene is Mary from Magdala).

Before that, we learn of Jesus that he is the Word (1:1) and the “true light” (1: 9) , the life (1:4) and the “lamb of God” (1:29). These exalted titles indicate that if this is biography, it is a biography not of a mere mortal, perhaps, but of God, the divine self.

Consider: How would you communicate about the Life of God? and about your life in the spirit? What exalted titles pertain to the Spirit within you, magnificent and true?

Note before we begin: 

HI ALL,  This study of the Gospel of John will last for approximately 40 days — of posts several times per week. After that, I may take it all down. So Congratulations on participating in this new thing. If you prefer to receive the posts in Weekly digest form, go to the Subscription Management page on Word Press to change settings accordingly.  

*Set an intention about what you’d like to get out of this and comment below, if you like* . Looking forward to hearing from you. 


One Comment

  1. I intend to continue to have my questions, wonders, and thoughts about Jesus and the Bible to be revealed to me. I intend to continue my journey in Christ; as he dwells inside of me. I intend to serve God throughout my life.


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