Who me? Bible Study? : for Lightworkers: Gospel of John


Religious tolerance illustrationWho me? Bible Study? : Prefatory remarks #1

Hello, Lightworkers:

(PS: I use the term “light workers,” loosely, to mean those who are allied in the pursuit to bring the light of truth, healing, and goodness to our world).

We workers in the light listen to our own guidance, while respecting the truth in whatever package it comes. We are open to diverse belief systems, and we tend to be suspicious of externally appointed authority figures and systems of rules. These traits suggest that the notion of doing a “Bible Study” may be counter-intuitive. A “Bible Study” usually means, in our culture, a group of believers, who are dedicated to studying “God’s word,” as a set of mandatory instructions for living.

How about studying the Bible, instead, with a spirit of inquiry—as we would soak up the wisdom of a respected friend? Certainly, since we respect our friend, we will not rip apart her/his words, nor will we quibble with every point. We do engage, question, and reflect upon our friend’s ideas, however, and we are free to challenge them from our own vantage point.

Such will be our approach, as lightworkers, to our Bible study, which I will be sending along, day by day.

Principle: Investigate. Test ideas, according to your inner knowing.

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Note as we begin:

HI ALL, This study of the Gospel of John will last for approximately 40 days — of posts several times per week or so. After that, I may take it all down.

So Congratulations on participating in this new thing! If you prefer to receive the posts in Weekly digest form, go to the Subscription Management page on Word Press to change settings accordingly.

Be Sure to subscribe, by following  (click left hand side- folder icon, then “follow”) – so that you don’t miss this Bible Study.


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