Jesus: Syrian Avatar

Key points from: the Story of Jesus, by G. de Purucker (1938), a theosophist

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Theosophical University Press Online Edition: The Story of Jesus, By G. de Purucker

Jesus was a historical man, a sage and an initiate into the “secret doctrine” or mysteries of his age.

(Chapter 1) “JESUS lived. Whatever nstock-vector-jesuschrist-avatar-character-icon-625471235ame he may have had, the individual known as Jesus (the Hebrew name being Jeshua or Joshua) was an actual man, a great sage. He was, furthermore, an initiate into the secret doctrine of his period”

The Gospels are symbolic stories to stir up a desire for spiritual development.

(Chapter 2) “The Christian story of Jesus is a series of symbolic scriptures…not pretending to be an accurate personal history.” It is “spiritual bait; …. they would come to the door of a temple and ‘knock’ and ‘ask.’…a public appeal or call to come up higher and to develop the spiritual part of the human constitution.”

Jesus taught universal truths: know thyself, the indwelling divinity, our unity with the cosmos

(Chapter 3) “Every one of these great sages and seers, whether he was the Buddha-Gautama of India, or Lao-Tse of China, or Sankaracharya of India again, or Jesus, or Empedocles, or Pythagoras, or Apollonius of Tyana: any one of the numerous host of them all taught the same fundamental doctrines.”

“The doctrine of the divinity indwelling in the core of every being.”

Know Thyself: “you cannot manifest the divinity within you (because that divinity is entirely impersonal) if your mind and heart are restricted and imprisoned by our personal desires. You must expand your nature and open it in order to let the sunlight of the spirit stream into you.”

Child of the Universe: “A man is de facto as much at home in the starry spaces as he is here on this planet earth;… it is possible for a man to pass from sphere to sphere, from plane to plane, from solar system to solar system, as the cycles of evolution roll by…his sojourn on earth is like the putting up at a tavern or at an inn for a day-night.”

Crucifixion/Resurrection signify initiation, available to all of us, whereby we let go of the “lower” self so that the “higher” spiritual self may shine

(Chapter 4) Initiation: ” the dying of the lower man, so that the higher nature of the neophyte could thereafter be released; and further that the postulant, when he had finished his three-days’ initiation trial, might go forth ‘anointed,’ or as one who had received the unction or anointing in the Mysteries.”

Jesus was an avatar

(Chapter 5) :”Jesus was an avatara, a manifestation through the form of a human being, of a god, of a divinity — one of the spiritual beings controlling our part of the stellar universe.”

Jesus was not literally crucified; the crucifixion/resurrection are symbolic.

(Chapter 6) “The personal man, when it dies, always cries ‘My God! Why hast thou forsaken me to become dust?’ But the higher, the nobler, part of the man, the spiritual man within, exclaims with a shout of joy: ‘My God! My God! How thou dost glorify me!'”

“No, this sage, this Syrian seer, was not crucified, literally and physically… a man may be crucified by his own passions, torn and rent instead of standing like a man, free…when you know somewhat of the inner Christ, you shall attain freedom”